Snowy conditions = base camp hang

Published on by P. Gatta

Philippe and all other teams in the Gasherbrum Base Camp are still going to have to wait many days before they can start their summit push. The snow is falling and creating very unstable slopes, favourable for avalanches.

If the conditions doesn't get better they will most probably go for Gasherbrum 1 instead of 2 and that would be great for Philippe since he doesn't have the time to wait for very much longer to get good conditions on Gasherbrum 2. The best would be to go up soonest on G1 and then G2 dierctly after - then hopefully have enough time to head over to Broadpeak that is a long days trekk away from the Gasherbrums.

As most of the time in alpinism, it is not always up to you if you succeed or not. Weather conditions, luck and timing needs to be on your side - and meanwhile, all you can do is the Base Camp Hang = lying in your tent, eat, sleep, read...

La météo force toujours toutes les équipes a rester au camp de camp de Base. La neige continue de tomber avec un risque d'avalanche important, en particulier sur le G2 entre le camp 2 et 4. Il va falloir attendre plusieurs jours pour que cela se stabilise.

Si les conditions ne s'améliorent pas, ils vont probablement changer et faire le Gasherbrum 1 d'abord. C'est d'autant plus vrai pour Philippe qui ne peut pas attendre trop longtemps au Camp Base s’il veut réussir les 3 sommets. Le Broad Peak est a1 long jour de marche du camp de base du Gasherbrum.

Comme souvent en alpinisme, ce n'est pas que la force ou l'expérience qui mènent au sommet. Le météo, la chance et le "timing" jouent un grand role - et en attendant tous ça, tout ce qu'on peut faire, c'est le "Base Camp Hang" = rester dans la tente, manger, dormir, lire...

Anna Gatta

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